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A Refreshing Transition from Typical Fantasy Iona Martin of Readful Things Blog shares her infatuation with the overall mood of the story and finds it a refreshing shift from your typical fantasy novel. She explains: “As things went on, I found I was surprised by how lighthearted this story is. There is darkness to be fought, but the overall sense of love and peace and equality does not ever fully leave the reader.
Rainbow Island Offers Positive & Uplifting Entertainment I was thrilled to hear that my book had brought such a positive reaction to this mother and her children. Mother of three, Zeemaid of In the Mommy Trenches, states: “I think overall Christie Hsiao’s vision to create positive, uplifting entertainment has been achieved in this story. I also feel that young readers aged 10 and up would appreciate this story the most.” (Find the full review & giveaway
The Book With “A Different Flavor” After reading Journey to Rainbow Island, Bekah of Motherhood Moment writes: I recently got a chance to read Journey to Rainbow Island by Christie Hsiao. I love fantasy fiction books, and I have always had a soft spot for books with dragons. This one had a little different flavor than some of the books I’ve read in the past, and my daughter and I actually had very different responses to the ...