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JTRI’s main character Yu-Ning the next Katniss Everdeen…?

April 25th, 2014


Kyle C. Duncan Gives Journey To Rainbow Island a 5-star review…

First you should know that I was the editor of Journey to Rainbow Island, and have already been paid for my work–I am not receiving a penny for writing this review. Unlike so much darkness in children’s and middle grade fiction these days, the message of JTRI is centered in hope and resilience. Yes, this is a violent world that the protagonist, Yu-ning, lives in–just like the one we live in today. However, Yu-ning does not use violence to achieve her goals–she uses the hope and love inside her to come against those who would want to destroy her and her world. JTRI features children attempting to shine light into dark places. Fighting for goodness, fairness, and compassion. In that sense, JTRI promotes those virtures we all hope to instill in our children. Without spoiling the ending, all I will say is yes, there is a dragon, and yes, Yu-ning is very skilled with a bow (see Katniss Everdeen, or Merida from Brave)–but how she uses that bow will both surprise and inspire you. Read along with your 7-12 year old, and enjoy.

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