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Journey to Rainbow Island = Journey to Another World

April 28th, 2014

In her Amazon book review, The IE Mommy writes…

Hsiao’s imagination is unreal and I can’t even comprehend the mind one would have to possess to create such extraordinary visual art with mere words. I felt like I was on Rainbow Island right alongside Yu-ning fighting alongside her and cheering her on.

I liked that the heroine in this story was a young girl because most of these types of books are about boys. Little girls should dare to dream and live in this type of world as well. There’s no rules that only boys can carry a bow and arrow! I’m going to save this book for my little girl for when she’s older and can appreciate the story.

Read the full article here.

She also delves further into a review on her personal blog. For the in-depth analysis, visit The IE Mommy’s personal site here.
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